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Sunday, March 24, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What prices do the caravans start from?
    Our caravans start from 500 for a 10ft wide, with 12ft's starting from 1750.

  • Will you "buy back" the caravan?
    Yes we will, if you wish to sell us your caravan please contact us and we will arrange a viewing and give you a buy back price.

  • How can I purchase a caravan seen on your website?
    We ask for a 10% deposit on all offsite caravans, this can be paid over the phone by credit or debit card, cheque, cash, bank transfer. Caravans sold onsite usually require payment directly to the caravan park.

  • How much does it cost to transport the caravan?
    This depends on where you require the caravan to be delivered to. Usually around 150 for local deliveries. Please ask us for a detailed quote.

  • Can I pay for the caravan on delivery?
    We require every offsite caravan to be paid for in full, with cleared funds before we deliver.

  • Where are the caravans?
    You can view the caravans at the location or caravan park indicated in the details. Please call us first to arrange a viewing.

  • Do any of your caravans come sited on a park?
    Onsite caravans are sold sited on the caravan park indicated in the details.

  • What about Gas Safety?
    All on park sales will come with a Gas Safe Certificate. Prior to any offsite sale we will run the gas appliances to check that they work. However, none of these caravans come with a Gas Safe test certificate; as once the caravans are disconected and transported then any Gas Safe certificate becomes invalid. You must contact a Gas Safe Engineer to check all the gas appliances before you use your caravan. All registered engineers can be found here at the Gas Safe Register web site

  • Siting & Surveying Service
    If you are uncertain as to whether a static caravan will go onto your land there is no need to worry; take advantage of our site surveying service. Our specialist team can come out to the site and survey it for you. This way you can be sure the caravan will fit into position you want before you buy. Should you need help getting the caravan or mobile home onto your land we can offer a siting service. Our expert team will bring the Land Rover and equipment along on the day of delivery and manoeuvre your caravan into the exact position you require and level it ready for the services to be connected.

  • Want to sell your caravan?
    We are always interested in purchasing new stock. Whether your caravan has served its purpose or you just need to raise additional finance please call 07954 293643